Dear Exhibitors,

You are welcome to take part in the SUPERMODERN 2019 Programme and The Gold Police Star Award.

Our project’s mission is to promote products of the greatest usefulness to the police and national security services, which feature novel technical solutions and unique operational qualities. Products which meet these expectations will be selected by the Award Committee – EUROPOLTECH Programme Council, which includes the deputy chief commanders of the police and national security services.

The Gold Police Star Award Ceremony will take place at EUROPOLTECH 2019. The list of winners and their products will be published in the EUROPOLTECH 2021 Exhibitor Catalogue.

Information about the products entered for the Programme will be published in the special SUPERMODERN section of the Exhibitor Catalogue, on the EUROPOLTECH website and in a leaflet addressed to trade visitors. The exhibits will also be displayed at a special exhibition organized as part of EUROPOLTECH.

Application form (pdf)
Terms and conditions (pdf)
Information plate (pdf)