6th International Scientific “Crime Scene” Conference

On the 9th and 10th of May 2019 in Warsaw the 6th International Scientific “Crime Scene” Conference will take place. It will be organized by the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police together with Gdańsk International Trade Fairs. The Conference will be held during EUROPOLTECH International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security Services.

The leading theme of the 2019 conference concerns complex crime scene investigation. Services responsible for combating crime encounter difficulties on every stage of their operations. Due to their complexity police officers are forced to perform actions regardless of season, time of a day, in extreme weather conditions and sometimes in CBRN environment. Investigation of post-explosion or fire sites and collecting of traces on a large, hard-to-reach areas are just a few examples of various difficult tasks, requiring specialized methods and means. Proper collection of traces as well as coordination and effective cooperation between various national and local services with different competences constitute the real challenge for the crime scene investigators.

The planned subject sessions include:
- operating procedures applied by services in complex crime scene investigation scenarios,
- use of modern mobile technologies at the crime scene,
- examination of “difficult” traces,
- cooperation of state security authorities and coordination of operations in case of disasters or mass casualties events.

In order to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Police Forensic Science in Independent Poland, the agenda of the Conference will also include a part dedicated to the history of development of this scientific discipline. Invited speakers will present impressive output of forensic science together with the most important achievements that resulted in increasing the efficiency of crime detection.

The presentation of crime scene officers’ work at the mock crime scene will constitute the integral part of the conference. They will present their modus operandi during crime scene investigation, utilizing the cutting-edge technologies. In 2019 Conference edition the crime scene officers will investigate the scene of vehicle explosion.
Participants of EUROPOLTECH 2019 Fairs will have a chance to visit the exhibition dedicated to the hundred years tradition of police forensic laboratories in Poland. The exhibition will present the changes that have occurred in forensic science since the interwar period (1919-1939) up to the present day. The organizers of the exhibition will also provide the overview of the most interesting cases from the past, exemplified by the items representing the equipment used in forensic laboratories over the last hundred years.

OFFICIAL CONFERENCE PAGE: http://miejscezdarzenia2019.pl/


author of the pictures: Katarzyna Król