Visiting EUROPOLTECH 2019

Register as an Visitor.
If you have already registered as an Visitor, log in (using the login and password given at registration) and complete the application form.
Entry into the Europoltech exhibition venue is possible only for Visitors who have an Invitation or an Electronic Access Card issued by the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co.

EUROPOLTECH is a professionals-only exhibition and as such will only be open to the International Police Conference participants, the European police services, experts of the Polish Police and national security services, the executive staff and experts of military units, MPs and public administration officers. Entry Passes can also be applied for by independent experts, members of associations, the staff of organisations, companies, schools and colleges related to security issues.
All the visitors are kindly asked to leave their personal weapons outside of the exhibition venue. Please do not bring any briefcases, suitcases, parcels, etc. with you. The purpose of these regulations is to ensure a high level of security for the exhibition/event. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.


Employees of Ministry of the Interior and Administration, officers and employees of the Polish Police, Border Guard (SG), State Fire Service (PSP), State Protection Services(SOP), Internal Security Agency (ABW), Foreign Intelligence Agency (AW), Military Counterintelligence Service (SKW), National Revenue Administration (KAS), Central Board of Prison Service (SW), Road Transport Inspection (ITD), officers and experts of the Special Operations Forces (WS) and Military Gendarmerie (ŻW) and other military formations will collect entry passes at their parent units or at the EUROPOLTECH 2019 Reception Desk, upon presenting an ID card from their parent organisation.

Armed Forces officers and experts can book their Access Cards before the event – by pre-registering at – and collect them during EUROPOLTECH 2019, at the Reception Desk. You can also receive your Access Card directly during the Fair – without prior registration. To collect your card you will be asked to present an ID card from your parent organisation.

Visitors who have received a personal invitation from EUROPOLTECH exhibitors / co-organisers / partners will receive entry passes during the event at the Reception Desk upon presenting the invitation and an identity document with a photograph.

Entry passes can be applied for by independent experts, members of associations and the staff of organisations, companies, schools and colleges related to security issues. In order to receive your entry passes, please pre-register at – and then collect the entry pass during EUROPOLTECH 2019, at the Reception Desk, upon presenting an ID card from your parent organisation / an identity document. The final registration deadline is April 30, 2019. After this deadline, you can receive an entry pass during EUROPOLTECH, upon the verification of your details and upon paying a registration fee in PLN, the equivalent of EUR 10, converted as per the EUR mid exchange rate published by the National Bank of Poland on the one day before the payment is made. VAT invoices shall be issued for the amount paid. The organisers reserve the right to refuse registration and the issue of the entry pass.

VISITORS – MEDIA – accreditation

• 8 May 2019 (Wednesday) 10.00-17.00
• 9 May 2019 (Thursday) 10.00-17.00
• 10 May2019 (Friday) 10.00-16.00